It was a bright day in the city today
Everything was sinking says
Sport would come on sunday
The old school would do
And the traffic grew
Upon the Westway
We all sat watching comets lost in town
Shining up above me
The jet fuel inferno
Clouds above where's the money always come first
And the sirens sing

So here is the day we sweep shaft through the ships
'Cause men in yellow jackets
Putting adverts inside my dreams
And all the ladies fawned
And the whole world gone
Fallen under the spell of the changing ways
We all communicate
So standing out shortwaves
Somewhere here out in space
And the rains hail above
And the hearts on fire
Under the Westway

Give me magic carrot city above
Still standing although it's cold
And the flags coming down
The old row sound
Just like a love song
Falling away I'm feeling down too
Paradise not lost, it's in the earth
I apologize
But I am not a saint
But I am gonna sing

Singing out loud
And sing it to you
In my lost limousine
And wash me off the Westway


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